Happy Halloween Readers!

We had to share this! Reader,Archie Simm lives in the States, but being a Blantyre lad at heart has kept a wicked sense of humour. Like these photos for example.


‘Still Game’ for anything and dressing up for Halloween with his friend, Archie told me, “Jack” is my best friend here and directly responsible for my invitation to work in Texas 40 years ago. He is Archie (no kidding) Begg. We have been known as “The Two Archies”, “Semmit and Drawers”, “Waldorf and Statler” and in some pubs, clubs and Scottish communities “Jack and Victor”. 

On another occasion, Archie dressed up as KFC’s, famous Colonel Sanders with more than a passing resemblance! I have to wonder though, is that friend chicken in the bucket, or trick or treat sweets?

Let’s see YOUR Halloween photos today! For those who celebrate this, and to ‘big kids’ everywhere, Happy Halloween!



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