The Cairns Buggy

How’s this for a fantastic Blantyre buggy! Kevin Cairns recently shared this to the page. A home made buggy with his dad pictured. Thats a cracker. They don’t make them like that anymore! Did YOU have a buggy as a child?

1950s The Cairns Buggy

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  1. Hi Michael – im not sure. That would need to be mapped out to check. I’m writing about the village for a book, so i plan on revisiting the Girvin story and hopefully adding to it, as part of the book. It will explore other people who lived beside them too obviously. Still long time in the making, but draft is started. I dont have an email contact for Kevin . Im sure he commented on Facebook.

    1. Michael Glangevlin McGovern (Facebook name).

      Thanks for the response. Love your photos of AnnaLily. I’m still planning on coming to Blantyre in 2020. Wanna come when there’s a festival or other event.

    2. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

      I’m looking on Facebook and found many Kevin Cairns, many with Scottish and Glasgow connections. Will keep trying to narrow him down. Cheers.

  2. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

    Hi Paul – could this Kevin Cairns be related to my great grandmother Helen Cairns and my grandmother Helen Girvin? Could I get in touch with Kevin? Great photo!! Regards from Long Island, New York.

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