Swinburne helps out , 1980

Councillor Swinburne is pictured here in December 1980 with some senior citizens of High Blantyre. James Swinburne, who by then was not only a Councillor but had achieve the lofty position of Provost, showed the residents he was not afraid to “muck in”.

He helped bring some Christmas cheer to around 130 elderly people in the community hall, the event being the 3rd year St John Ogilvie had laid on the treat. The whole event was provided from kind donations by the parishioners of St John Ogilvie.

Do you recognise anybody?

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Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Catherine McAleese That’s my Gran and Grandad Tolland ( Catherine and John ) on Bottom right Wow xx
Anne Marie Murray The priest I think was Fr O’ Sullivan who was the parish priest at St John Ogilvie at the time
JulieAnn Hamill Oh my goodness that’s my Great Gran and Grandad Tolland. Exactly as I remember my Great Gran, always smiling. Unfortunately my Great Grandad passed away when I was 2 but my Gran lived until she was in her 80’s. What a lovely memory, thank you Blantyre Project ❤️ Graham RobertsonDeclan Robertson Mark Tolland x
Eleanor Clark JulieAnn Hamill Mark Tolland married my husband’s niece
Kerry Tremble Kevan Jimmy Swinburne was a good friend of my dad’s cllr Murray Tremble for many many years in & our of the Strathclyde council/labour party. Such a lovely man.
Isobel Hollis Jim Swinburne, my next door neighbour until I left High Blantyre to teach in England!
Brian Young My mother Eileen Young,standing back row on the right.
George Cubis Great photo Remember them well
John Cunning Eileen young many a laughts with woman when we worked together in the co- op bless her x
John Cunning Gran Mc Gowan bottom left out nell
Theresa Green I used to do Mrs Swinburne hair 20 years ago
Margaret Taggart Downie My aunt Rose Malone top left

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