Gavin McNaughtan Remembers

Mary Poole is editing cine clips she recorded with her father. Recently sharing this one, it was recorded in 1992 when he was 87. It’s nice to see old clips, especially interviewing the older generation. There are tales to be told, which sometimes I admit, being in those different times, don’t use the most politically correct language.

Having cine videos of family members now no longer here is such a nice thing to look back on.

John and Mary Watson Logans Row

Mary told me, “His name was Gavin McNaughtan (my father). His uncles were David and John Watson and his brother was Finlay McNaughtan. My grandfather and grandmother (Gavin McNaughton and Isabella Watson) were married at 83 Bairds Row on 4th December 1896, all the boys worked in the pits at some time. My grandmother was born in Logans Row (Dalziel, Motherwell) in 1872, her father, John Watson is listed as pitheadman on her birth certificate.”


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