Crossbasket Golf School

On 24th September 1965,  World War II RAF Hero Douglas Bader, putted a meringue after opening the “Golf School” at James Little Training College at High Blantyre. He had officially opened a new golf training ‘school’, within the college itself.

Douglas Bader, the guest of honour lost both his legs in an aircraft accident before World War II. He battled back to regain his Royal Air Force flying status and flew in combat against the Luftwaffe, before being captured, enduring time in concentration camps including Colditz, despite his disability. Later, in 1976 he was knighted in recognition for his services in assisting disability charities. Sir Douglas Bader died in 1982, aged 72.

I was fortunate enough to be passed a brilliant photograph of Douglas on that very day, putting his meringue in what was previously Crossbasket Castle’s front dining room. Smiles all round and it looks like a nice tea was laid on! Following the visit of Max Bygraves, he was the second celebrity that year to visit Crossbasket.

Douglas is pictured in what is now the restaurant at the front of the building.

From “The History of Crossbasket Castle” by Paul Veverka (c) 2015

1965 Douglas Bader blantyre

1965 War Hero Douglas Bader in Blantyre

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Joseph Allan Amazing lot of history up there for a small town
Daniel Anderson Would this have been at the old pitch and putt at greenhall? Quite close to crossbaskets?
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco I remember when he visited Crossbasket house
Robert Stewart Douglas Bader was imprisoned in POW camps, but never in a concentration camp.

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