Colliery Bing and Shop at Larkfield, 1977

These three photos look over to the former Colliery Bing at Larkfield. Taken on 21stApril 1977 from Broompark Road, you can see the Bing still has to be levelled in the background. The Bing quite literally spilled down the sides of Eddie Collins shop, built in front of an older building.

1977 Broompark Road 1

These photos may not have seemed too interesting at the time but they serve as good records of how things were. For me, I found them interesting, for these were the streets that as a 6 year old, I ran round to school on.

Photos Courtesy: George Hay

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Marion Anderson Blantyre Project..I used to play on a bing in Springwell, I think it was near the timber houses. I was wondering what it was called.
Blantyre Project Marion, that would have been the Auchinraith Pit Bing (now levelled with houses on). These photos above are Larkfield, the former bing part of Dixons Pit 4.
Mary Kane I remember seeing all the coal bings during rail and road trips between Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Mary Mcguire My mum and her family were brought up in Larkfield. They lived in tenement
NancyandNeville Sinkinson I lived in the prefabs in Auchinraith Terrace. 2nd house to the bing. We had the Borlands on one side and the Corrigans on the other
Anne Cook The bing at Eddie Collins was me and my friends playground.We ‘bounced’ on the Catkin trees and would cross the road and go into the field behind Watson Street(now the Primary School) to look for ‘tumshies’ …..wonder why we had sore tummies as well
Kerry Tremble Kevan Played up the bing all the time growing up living in Glenfruin & it was brill for sledging in winter
Arlene Campbell It used it as a shortcut to the Scottish specials where many friends lived

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