Broompark Road, 1977

Standing at the corner of Broompark Road near the crossroads at Stonefield Road/Crescent. This is 23rd April 1977 and pictured is the site then proposed for the current Larkfield Community Hall.

The Bing was still being levelled. In the background midway down Stonefield Road you can see the partial steeple of the Anderson Church, which would burn down completely 17 months later.

Photo Courtesy: G Hay

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Arlene Campbell Great photo
Stephen Allan When was Larkfield community hall built as I used to go to drama classes in their back in 1994 and can anyone tell me when the the building was built that was there before the new Carrigans building was built?
John Cornfield Stephen Allan my mate StanGordons wedding reception was in their 1981 if that’s any help
Katrina Stewart Great I stayed there 50 years ago omg how time flys
Rena Caullay Oh the memories these old photos bring back. Thank you.
Jimbo McSkimming we have a nice wee town, the council do a grand job too
John Fallon Jnr Lovely mark 4 cortina in this photo ?

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  1. I now live in the houses you can see on the right. Does anyone know when they changed to the style they are in now?

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