Alex, Sandy and Abba, 1980

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Sergeant Alex Moyies of Blantyre is pictured here with Sandy (left) and ABBA (right), two police dogs being retired in December 1980.

The dogs were over 10 years old and retirement was something quite normal for them at this age. However, these two dogs were quite special as they both had been involved in many successful drug detection cases.

The photo was taken at Blantyre Police Station.

Carole Jamieson is pictured at Prory Bridge with Sandy. Sadly, Alex Moyies passed away a couple of years ago. His favourite dog Sandy passed away suddenly during the training of other police dogs at Pollock Park. With thanks to Duncan Jamieson for the picture and info.


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Blantyre Project I’m told Sandy was the first ever drugs detection dog in Lanarkshire.
Kirstin Anderson My Dad
David Harkness He was Uncle Eric to us, sadly missed
Alan Robert Webb My gt grandfather William Howieson was a constable there in the early 1900s, he retired to a bungalow in Small Crescent opposite and died there in 1926
Gregor Lamberton Need more officers and dogs like this now too much saft black being sold on these street
Kirstin Anderson This is my DAD. Sandy was the first drugs detection dog in Scotland and was trained by my dad, there was a black labrador too called Ben who was also a drugs dog. My dad was the training instructor out at the dog branch kennels at Pollock park. He also had German Shepherds which were regular police dogs. They stayed with us in kennels in the back garden. Thank you for including this.
Bill Hunter Alex. was one of my instructors at the Training Centre in Pollock, when I was a Dog Handler.
Maureen Thomson Kirstin Anderson brings back many happy memories of your Dad and the dogs those were the days mx
Maureen Lowe What a lovely article, will bring back many happy memories to a lot of people esp Kristin and her family xx

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