1980, Asda Carpark Santa

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The children of Blantyre in 1980, could hardly believe it when they saw Santas Grotto set up in ASDA Carpark in December that year!

This Christmas magic had been conjured up Blantyre Round Table who converted a caravan into a mobile grotto to give the kids a treat. I’m not sure who the kids are and have to say, the Santa is perhaps not the most convincing I’ve ever seen!? However, this was a fantastic idea, I’m sure thrilled many children and is well worthy of being included in this history archive.

Do you recognise anybody?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Kimberley Campbell Louise Nicola this looks like u on the far left but obv I know it’s not you if it’s 1980
Louise Nicola Kimberley Campbell I seen this & thought that too! Hamilton Advertiser posted a photo of me aged 4, labelled 1976 so maybe I’m much older than I think x
Bryan Deazeley The big guy with the beard looks a bit like Santa. Just a bit though
Jo Kelly Thats me on Santas lap!!
John Kelly Lorraine Duncan is that u on the right with your brother ?
Lorraine Duncan John Kelly nope not us
Stephen Kelly Sake Santa, could have tucked your fringe in lol
Michael Connor My grandfather was Santa in Asda for years. He was doing it in the mid 80s till early 90s tho. He must of took over from this Santa

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