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James Baird, Grand Lodge of Scotland
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Jim Baird sent me this message saying, “I am an 80 year old man living in the US in Raleigh, North Carolina. Was born here. My father, same name as mine, spent a good deal of his youth living in Hamilton.  My understanding is that he lived there with family but I don’t know if they were of the Baird line. He was orphaned at an early age, his mother having died when he was about 4; and his father (also James Baird) passed away when he was about 8 or 9. A friend of his deceased father arranged to have him transported to Scotland.”

My son Stewart (50) has become interested in family Baird genealogy but we have little information. One document – and there are few – that we do have is a masonry certificate awarded my grandfather by the Lodge Livingstone, Stonefield, Blantyre in 1890.  I scanned it and send it herewith for your interest. “

I tried to see if I could find James Baird in Blantyre in census information and found one James Baird, a farmer living in Blantyre in 1891, aged 40 that year. I cannot be sure if he’s related to this line, but the name is unusual in the Blantyre census at the time.

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Eleanor Clark Lodge Livingston 599 should be able to help you there
Jim Cochrane Theres loads of Bairds in this area
Alan Baird im james alan baird and my dad was james baird too if you care to go down that line

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