Commercial Bank at Kirkland Place

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This photo is a zoomed in part of a lovely postcard from the 1920’s. Pictured is the former Commercial Bank at the corner of Main Street and Cemetery Road. The Bank was part of a double storey tenement named ‘Kirkland Place‘ (not to be confused with Kirklea Cottage or Kirklea Place, the terraced houses on the other side of the road a little further east.

Kirkland Place stood opposing a building known as ‘Lint Butts’, and was in the 1920’s owned by George Johnston Cameron, lawyers and trustees of the late Hugh Herron. The Bank had address 88 Main Street in 1925. Shadows would indicate this is a morning photo.

Do you remember this tenement?

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Elizabeth Weaver Amazing photo! Love the woman on the left with her baby in the shawl – that was a common sight until the 1950s.
Margaret Brown Burns A wee cairy in the shawl. My children were born in the 60,s and I used my big plaid shawl
Eleanor Clark Our granny stayed in Cemetery Road or as they called it Cemetery Walk
Geordie McClenaghan Was this the building the spar and chip shop were in before it got pulled down in the 80s
Marian Maguire Not many poor souls going in there every week
Mary Sitters Have a lovely picture of Mama with Gordon in the shawl taken in Hamilton.
Elaine Petriat Interesting that there is a street in Blantyre called Lint Butts
Jean Boyd My gt grandparents lived at Kirklea Cottage around late 1800’s early 1900’s, Paul are you able to tell me exactly where Kirklea Cottage is or was.
Blantyre Project its still there directly opposite Mo’s family shopper. The left hand side of the terraced homes is larger than the others in the row.
Jean Boyd Blantyre Project That’s amazing to know it’s still there, I must have a look when passing, thanks for letting me know.
Maisie Whittaker Jean Boyd i must look out for it ,to think our gt grandparents lived there .
Elizabeth Weaver I’ve just remembered that older folk would say about a baby carried in the tartan shawl: “the wean was happed (wrapped) in a plaidie” (pronounced PLIDEY). And a baby’s napkin (nappy) was a “hippen”.
Elizabeth Weaver That’s High Blantyre PO just visible on the right, yes?
Scott Smith They two women still drink in blakleys lol
Bill Graham The bank became Browns grocery store
Betty McLean Remember so well and the familiar mother withthe baby in the shaw.
Margaret Elma Griffin I remember the Tenements but not the Bank l remember it being s grocery shop and l think the Post Office was next door
Moyra Lindsay Strange it was 88 Main Street as our first house in the Dales next to Broompark Road was 248?
Blantyre Project following postcode arrival and renumbering, just like on Bardykes Road and some of Glasgow Road, numbers were increased usually by a factor of 100 or more. These tenements pictured became 216 to 236 after the late 1920s.  Dales were constructed, i think between 1916 and 1920 well before the time of the address changes. Original ‘Dales’ addresses were 1 Dales, 2 Dales etc up to 8 Dales . The block still does have have addresses 238 – 248 Main Street. (246 and 248 each had 2 homes within them)
Makes me want to write a book about Main Street and dig deeper into who lived there.
Julie Nicholson We lived in the Dales too at 240 Moira, I remember that building
Elizabeth Biswell I so loved seeing this picture and the woman obviously carrying a baby in a shawl. I can remember women doing this when I was a girl.

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  1. There was a bank in high blantyre main street, its now Chinese take away.

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