Celebrating 5000


Sitting here with a ‘wee dram’ this evening. Why?

Well, today Blantyre Project crossed the 5,000 posts mark! Yes….since 2011, I’ve posted exactly 5,000 times about Blantyre’s history. I was told recently by a librarian that Blantyre Project is one of the largest singular collections of local history in all of Lanarkshire, in terms of the number of photos, findable subjects and researched narrative.

As I saw the post count turn from 4,999 to 5,000….I just thought about that for a moment…..FIVE THOUSAND articles! Each with unique research and new daily photos. Fresh, new content every single day never missing the opportunity to post on ANY day even on holiday or in sickness, since 30th April 2011. 

To put that in perspective….I’ve been posting daily about Blantyre for 18% of my entire life!

Now if that’s not worth a dram or two, I don’t know what is……


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  1. Brilliant 👍 here’s to 5000 more😀

  2. Congratulations Paul! Amazing amount of dedication appreciated by many and so meaningful to us ex pats.
    Please know you are appreciated.

  3. Linda Mackie-Marieskind

    Well done Paul, that’s an awesome milestone and much appreciated
    Kind regards

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