Blantyre Bogeys Back!

With thanks to Bernadette Watt who shared these pictures. Her brother Brian Hughes built this Bogey for his delighted grandkids. It’s great to see a tradition like this coming back.

This looks a particularly lovely bogey, built with care and love.

Who all had a bogey in childhood then?!

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Catherine Whitefield We did out of old pram wheels . Dangerous stuff then no brakes an if you hurted yourself no moaning either
Stewart Willis Built from scrap wood, old pram wheels. U nails and dangerously sharp bits of recycled metal. The youngest cousin (victim) available always had the honour of the maiden voyage. Or the danger run as we called it lol happy dayz
Stewart Willis Gary Dewar or if it was in the gardens it was your Russell lol
Gary Dewar Stewart Willis right Doon path middle of gds then in winter was ice rink no wellies cause dumbied the slide lol
Brendan O’neill We had a bogey to . I was always the test pilot no hard hat or nothing I thought I was brave
Carol Goldie That’s a cracker hours of fun … probably not pass health and safety these day but I would still give it a go
Scott Johnston Looks like a killing machine.
Elizabeth Golder Hughes It was family event few weeks ago doon the Dandy. Few crashes into the shrubs and oor ankles but amazing memories for our grandkids ….the kids actually joined in with their Papa building it.
Elizabeth Grieve Used to watch them with bogeys going downhill at the wee park in Waverley Terrace. Exciting to watch but terrifying at the same time
Janet Thornton We used to bogey down Sydes Brae. Before the dual carriageway it went almost up to the cross
Linda Gilmour Roberts That’s a posh bogey
Anthony Smith We used an old bed sheet as a sail on one in windy weather to go up and down Hillview Drive.
John Dunsmore I mind going down Forrest street your Aff it at. Blantyre Vics park the brake was yet feet
Archie Peat We have been through this before , it was called an ” Oricle ” We used to ride them from the railway bridge in Station Road to the gates at Livingstones . The danger was from your Mother if your shoes were scraped to bits !!
Andy Callaghan Archie Peat we always called them oricles Archie and i haven’t a clue why. You’re the only other person I’ve ever heard, apart from the kids i grew up with, who calls them that. We must have been kind of contemporaries. I was born 1948.
Archie Peat Hi Andy , born in 1942 so we,re of the same generation . There was a post on here a couple of years ago and someone said it was named after builders Oracle board . Mabye Paul will revive that post
Andy Callaghan I lived in Farm Rd and later Cowan Wilson Ave. So I often did the railway bridge to David Livingstone’s run on the oracle. No brakes except your boots or shoes and braking made a bit of a mess of them. Must have lost a few yards of skin in my oracle days.
Jean Sullivan Tennant Me! Used to get the dog to pull us Jacqueline Andrea Karen. Happy days!
Robert McLeod-Wolohan me and my brothers did, made up of old pram wheels, old planks of wood a bit of string and away we went lol such great memories.
Mari Pollock Thompson That’s a beautiful bogey. I never had one but friends did and they were great fun. One made out of a dolls pram and the other from old wood and pram wheels. The joy they brought was immeasurable. Those were the days
Betty McLean Brings back good memories.
Kirsty Laing Joanna Polockus mind us and midge flying doon livingstone crescent in the bogey? A thought a was gonnae end up in the clyde!!! 😂😂 xx
Davie Robson Posh bogey that, I heard tall tales of wheels going missing outside shops etc … not me of course, it was ma pals
Davie Robson Pulling “steeples” oot of fences for yer bogie! Brilliant 👌
Frances Mitchell My cousin George built a bogey and out a two stroke engine on it for us to ride around on. It was brilliant
Gord Fotheringham Indeed those were oor dayz….no matter the age we all had them….Orioles indeed…..
Helena Rochead Yip my brothers made one from wooden boxes and old pram wheels from the coup. Started at the top of our stack yard which was on a hill, through the yard and all the way to the end of the farm road without stopping or brakes. Health and Safety wasn’t invented then!
Marian Maguire That’s a bogey Vanden plas
Stuart Mcintosh Where did we keep getting the pram wheels from? 🙄🙄🙄. Brilliant
Neil Mcgill We got the Pram wheels off the old silver crosses folk threw out. That’s if you got there before the rag man. Lol
John McManus Loved my bogey and many memories of racing round the paths round the houses at Moorfield road and surrounding streets. Great times
Davy Thomson We started at the top of springwells crescent with ours,, and we would see how far we could free wheel it,, always ended up Doon Burnside crescent,, brilliant at the time,, but a pain in the butt to drag it all the way back up again,,,, great times 👍

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