1985 Whistleberry Road

I’m not entirely sure but I think this is the Railway Bridge on Whistleberry Road. There’s no location marked on this photo although the date is known as 1985.

The other photo with the car, again from the same year is definitely Whistleberry Road, the oil tank in the background still there today. What can you tell me about these locations?

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Gary Scott It looks like it’s taken from the back of the cottages on whistleberry road to me. I lived in the second one as a child.
Davy Thomson Looking onto the chemical works, across from farmfoods
John O’Neill Thats my black astra in the pic at work, deffo whistleberry rd.
Alistair Morrow It’s the road bridge at Whitehill …… it is taken in the opp direction from the one you posted last week Paul .
Robin Warnock if that is the old railway bridge on whistleberry road you could walk to botthwell over the clyde by a railway bridge high over the river clyde
Alistair Morrow That is the road bridge between Burnbank and Whitehill, the bridge you are referring to over the River Clyde to Bothwell would be the Craighead Viaduct. IIRC there is only one pillar still standing of the viaduct
Robin Warnock Alistair Morrow thanks for that used to walk from whitehill over that bridge to bothwell at one time there was a pedestrian walkway slung below the bridge that was closed because off rotten timber walkway

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