Blantyre Video 1950’s Part 1

Exploring the 1950’s next in this series of videos through the decades. This was a time of great change for Blantyre. Improved welfare, abolishing rationing, greater choice, self service shops, building of many homes and schools and lots of pride in our parks.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Matthew McGuigan Pat Rouse that is me and John Halliburton right at the end with linked arms in the public park. 1958/9
Blantyre Project it was a nice friendly image to end on….thanks.
sabel Mcneily Saw all of my fAmily in the Coronation picture( Clarkin’s) and the bridge at Livingston’s, my pals and I cycled it to Elmwood every day, eh Sadie Ennis
John McArdle Bells and lethams from Calder st my family
Helen Mccallum Fantastic video
Jane Scobbie Fabulous video of how how village was the year I was born
Anthony Smith It said no cycling over the Livingston Bridge,but went across it several times on a motorbike.
Mary Kane What beautiful singing from the Livingstones including my big cousin David McCabe. Very emotional for me. Lovely film.
Mary Sitters Mary Kane just brilliant. Wish my Darling Mama could see it.
Margaret Mary OSullivan I found this so moving. Made me wander down memories lanes. Wonderful also to hear the beautiful music of The Livingstones. Feeling wistful and nostalgic. Thank you.
Maria Pedersen Fantastic video. Love seeing all these old pictures
Betty Davies Happy days and no expensive games and toys, ballgames in street, skipping ropes, chinese ropes
Sheena Mason My sister Isobel McKendrick Kerr’s picture jumped right out at me whenever I looked at the picture of Calder Street School.She is bang in the middle of the second row of girls. Isobel Johnston, Betty Mitchell, June Kirk are all on the same row from the left in and, Morag McKay in the front row first on the right were Isobel friends. My memory can’t be that bad after all. ..Lovely music from The Livingstones
Susan Duffy Loved it Irene can’t wait for the 60s
Cath Mcinally Loved seeing these memories x

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