1977 Broompark Road

Things are looking a little dated in this next photo from 1977. Taken from the carpark of the Doonin Pub, it looks across a rather untidy Broompark Road towards the former Larkfield Bing, once the site of Dixons Pit 4.

1977 Broompark Road

The date is known. 21st April 1977. I was just 6 years old at that time but very familiar with this road, running round to school, usually at the same time as the bing. I’d often climb on top of the coping on the Doonin Wall or play at the nearby telephone box.

The bing was in the process of being removed, flattened down to the playing field we know today. However, the real piece of nostalgia in this photo, certainly for me is seeing Eddie Collin’s shop again.  I remember rolls, hot pies and halfpenny sweets as well as 5p salt n shake bags of crisps. Happy days!

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Kev Samson Remember the shop well
Alan Baird my old playground there , i loved playing , up the bing
William Campbell I loved that bing never away fa it
William Campbell Old eddie Colins was a pure gent
Robert Holmes Collins the baker shop fresh rolls
Carole Mackie Rickard The end of my Dads street. Everywhere in this pic has been improved, except the Doon Inns wall.
Davie McLachlan Is this view looking across to where Carrigan’s is just now?
Robert Holmes I broke my arm on the bing fell off my bike
Arlene Campbell A compulsory order purchase had been put on the old bakery I was told when redevelopment of and around the old bing, it was successfully challenged .
Arlene Campbell Nostalgia in one image Paul Veverka
John Watt My mum worked in Annie and Eddies old Bakery and his supermarket. You can just see the old bakery in the background. He made the best pies n bridies for miles around..!
Marian Maguire My husband loved Eddie Collins rolls.
Maxine Prince Wonderful picture. I remember Eddie Collins’ supermarket very well. Such a lovely man as was his wife,who ran the newsagents.
Jean Horne OMG this really takes you back to your primary school days…..so long ago
Robert Crothers many a carryout up there .argus .skin.pete adam.gibby.rab dick .alka .wullie stark.wattie stark.big alistar cambell.moggy.kate .janice.mag tallis.cuz mags…rember the wee box .just by edddies bakery..was it a electrick box.
Audrey Marshall Great fun running up and doon the Bing! I split my head open at least once! And we sledged down it too. And Eddie Collins ….and his rolls were fab x
Audrey Marshall Sharon !! I don’t think Tina will remember the Bing! Stephen almost a street away for you !
Stephen Nelson Audrey Marshall That might actually be my house visible to the right. And I think that might be the year the bing went on fire, the summer was so hot. I also enjoyed ducking my head into the Doonin and shouting at the punters before scarpering
Jimbo McSkimming doon the bing on a tray and the monkey tree


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