2005 Tree Clearance at Sydes Brae

Going back to Winter 2005 when trees were being felled at the edges of the road at Sydes Brae. This sorrowful sight had a purpose though. Site clearance had commenced to make way for the construction of the current Crematorium.

This followed a large campaign by Blantyre residents to prevent the Crematorium being built at Greenhall.

The South Lanarkshire Sydes Brae Crematorium opened on Tuesday 5th September 2006. The single storey building is large, spacious and located just down from Park Farm, Sydes Brae, on the opposite side of the road from Newhouse. A new roundabout at Sydes Brae was constructed at the entrance.

Photo Courtesy: G Cook

2005 Tree felling at Sydes

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Maggie Anderson I started off my married life at Park Farm…..I think it’s quite appropriate that I finish up at this crematorium even though I no longer live in Blantyre …

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