1980 Halloween Party

This was the playful scene at Halloween 1980 at the Elizabeth Scott Centre, Logan Street, Blantyre. Kids of the local playgroup dressed up for their party. Are YOU amongst them or recognise anybody?

1980 Halloween Party at Elizabeth Scott Centre

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Paul McLauchlin I think the lady standing furthest on the right of the photo is Nan McNally.
Mary Brown CarrieLevy, is that linda Burnett on the far right?
Kirsty Laing I am right in the middle with the star and my mum us top row at the left. Loved that nursery
Kirsty Laing Aunt Sheena & aunt Sylvia. Is that my mum? My eyes are terrible!
Sheena Mason I’m not sure Kirsty, it certainly looks like her but, I don’t remember her being that dark hen. Your Mum was blonde for as long as I remember but, I agree she does look like Devyn.🤔🤔I recognised you right away though
Cath Mcinally My Good friend NanMcinally who was the play leader there 3rd from the end ,back row. I met her at night school and became great friends from then on x
Teresa Logie Gareth Rodger let ur mum see this pic wee used to work in elizabeth scotts playgroup wen wee wer in 3rd yr at blantyre hi on a monday at play group.
Frances McDonald Does look like you but you weren’t at that play group xxx
Kim Garvie Mum is that ma auntie cathy top left? Gary Thomasxx
Gary Thomas No

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