Provan’s Pitchfork, 1917

1920s Haytime at Udston Farm wm

1920s Haytime at Udston

Wednesday 18th July 1917 saw a somewhat serious accident befall upon Mr Robert Provan (62).

As he worked in gathering hay at Craighead Farm, he slipped and fell heavily into a hay fork, which had only been sharpened that morning! One of the fork prongs pierced his windpipe and another, his neck below the left ear, severing one of the principal arteries. Blood started pouring out of him at pace.

A shocked co-worker, Mr. William MCreadie a signalman, who resided at Cemetery Road. High Blantyre, was assisting in the hay field that day and his knowledge of ambulance work stood him in good stead. As he rushed over, he was soon able to stop the great flow of blood. Dr Wilson was summoned, but was so well satisfied with the quality of the bandaging that he found it unnecessary even to touch it. With William able to describe the wound, the Doctor determined it was serious enough for Mr Provan to be removed to the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow.

Mr Provan recovered well over the following weeks and had William McCreadie to thank for saving his life.

Pictured around the similar era are workers at Udston Farm gathering in the hay into stacks. You can see the men carrying the long pitchforks, which would have been similar to that which injured Robert Provan.

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