Latest Addition to Collection

Those who know me well, know that I like to collect old ‘artefacts’ and things from Blantyre’s past. A little piece of nostalgia that I hope to put into a dedicated Blantyre museum someday.

The latest addition to my collection are these signs? Recognise them? For decades they were the signs above the entrance to Teddies , the Stonefield Tavern. Stan Gordon who runs the pub, kindly donated them to me and I didn’t even need to ask, so thanks for that!


I’d love to know who painted them and when, although i suspect it was the 1960s. Each has the date of 1556 at the bottom, which is of course the date of the establishment of the brewers, (not the date of the pub opening as incredulously incorrectly seen online elsewhere).

These metal signs now join my growing collection which includes amongst other things, the key of the former Cochrane’s Chapel, the whole Fireplace from the former Manhattan Lounge, Calderglen documents and family photo albums, quoits from Auchentibber, bricks from each of the brickworks and other parts of former buildings.

Do you have something you think would be worthwhile to add to a little Blantyre collection of artefacts, destined ultimately for public display? Please do get in touch.

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