Community Action Plan

Futures Event

Great to see the ‘Blantyre Community Action Plan‘ for 2019-2024 being launched tomorrow evening!

With the views of over 1,500 people of all ages taken on board , the plan has been formed by the Blantyre Steering Group over the last 9 or 10 months, detailing priorities for improving the town. The steering Group has now grown and recently evolved into volunteer organisation, “Blantyre Futures“.

Blantyre Project, as a heritage project was delighted to receive funding of £1,048 chosen by over 750 people who attended the collaborative voting fun day event, just one of many organisations who applied and received funds.

This has now bought a brand new i-pad and professional stand, which will in due course  feature in a Blantyre history exhibition at the renovated David Livingstone Centre. It also covers the cost of providing a full suite of Blantyre Project’s more “easy to read” articles converted into books for local children into all 5 of Blantyre’s Primary Schools! These have started to be delivered to each school. Also, a brand new TV for Blantyre Library (which will go live with photos of Auld Blantyre as soon as SLC can wire up a new socket!)

How amazing is that! Thanks to everybody who voted for the Blantyre Project application. The standard of the 6 other applications from others was very high and worthwhile, so I’m absolutely delighted! I hope the Action plan can go on to unlock many other funding opportunities for Blantyre organisations.

Tomorrow’s event at the Welfare starts at 6.30pm with free entry, cakes and tea provided.


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