1980’s Outside the Post Office

olde tyre folk

Here’s a brilliant photo full of character. Two Blantyre gents stand on Glasgow Road outside the former iconic Post Office Building. The chap to the left possibly had nickname ‘old snowy’. I’m unsure who the person on the right is. Do you recognise these men?

In the background, the Clydeview Shopping Centre has been built. The style of the car suggesting this is likely the 1980s. How different that whole scene is now.

Thanks to James Dwyer for sharing this photo.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Margaret Brown Burns I think Bobby Ferguson is the one on the left
John Cornfield Great pic
Catherine Morrison Definitely Bobby Ferguson think the other one is one of the Mc Leans from springwell
Elizabeth Daley Bobby Ferguson and Danny McLean
Thomas Barrett Bobby Ferguson and Dan MacLean
Catherine Devlin That was a great post office, sorting office in behind it, a great loss to Blantyre, for the sake of so called progress
Davy Thomson My god. That’s brilliant , stayed across from dinny in springwells
Jim McAllister Great pic Bill Pitt Asda spoiled the town’s looks
Sharon Miller Awe 💗💗💗💗 that’s my papa Bobby Ferguson on the left..never heard anyone refer to him as old snowy though. Silver fox is what most people called him…he was certainly a character 😂.great pic ..thanx so much for sharing it
Thea Borland Mcnamee Danny McLean from springwells and helen Ferguson’s hubby bobby…
Anthony Smith I notice the Priory Bar,the first pub I had a legal drink in,has gone.
Betty Davies Defo wee Fergus my uncle swings (john) latimer pal along with bud Hawkins defo Blantyre characters
Brendan O’neill Stephen Fallon my grandpa worked in the central bar
Gaz Wright Good photo m8….. what the heck is that big building in the background? Behind the trees.
Stephen Mccall Gaz Wright as it looks like it’s next to the church it could be roof of St. Joseph chapel
Ann Watson Man with white hair Mr Fergus on ie the silver fox.
Jackie Paterson its great that there are so many people than know ma papa Ferguson he was some man we definitely miss him he was a unconscious comedian always had us in stickes xx
Matthew Neil His nicky name was silver fox snows came from the village snows I think it was Watson.
John Cunning Snowy Watson stayed next door to me in carlowrie ave great man

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  1. Re Post Office picture. Dont know the man on the right but the one on the left was my father Robert (Bobby) Ferguson

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