Scouts Outing, Early 1950’s

This wonderful photo is Stonefield Parish Church scouts on an outing to Ayr, early 1950’s. Blantyre lads , perhaps born in Wartime years. John Brownlie is the scout leader on the right with hat and glasses.

There’s no mention of the boys names, so perhaps it’s YOU, or you recognise a father or grandfather?

With thanks to Marion Brownlie (via Alex Rochead)

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Eoan Kerr That’s fantastic!
Eva Brown My brother Peter Sim is second from the right next to machine. Now lives in London and has a street named after him
Eleanor Clark Eva Brown here or London our granny has a street named after her in Blantyre
Lesley Sutherland Peter Sim Peter Sim. Uncle Pete you’re looking good x
Heather Mcwilliam Jack McWilliam, Stonefield Crescent, probably mid 1940’s so a bit before above photo. Does anyone know if this is a scout uniform?
Ann Higgins Crossar What a great photo – love the kilted scout uniform too.

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