1979 Building Clydeview Shopping Centre

A few people over the years have asked if there are photos of Clydeview Shopping Centre being built. Now, finally thanks to Marion Brownlie sharing, we can see this little piece of history.

From 1979, pictured from the market carpark (now Victoria Care Home) looking east long Glasgow Road, we see the last of the tenements to be knocked down (eviction orders served for 28th February 1979). The blue steel frame by Fairclough contractors being erected, which must have seemed futuristic and very different at the time.

The stone wall of the former Stonefield Parish School (Ness’s) provided a good boundary although I can see that timber hoarding was put up along Glasgow Road and a works compound built across the road on land which would eventually be landscaped as the park. Victoria Street is in the foreground.

Big changes indeed!

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