Park Bothy, 2000

Who remembers the Park ‘Bothy’? It’s been gone for 2 decades. Here it is in its final months back in 2000.

A large, redundant store, prone to being broken into….often! It certainly didn’t look so great and for many….people were pleased to see it go.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

George Hay Hi Paul, It was used as the changing rooms for the adjacent football pitch. Changed in there many a time in the 60s/ 70s.
Jason Henderson Cannot believe it’s been gone 20 years. My mum & dad’s house overlooks the park, so it was a familiar sight growing up!
Edd Bungle Boyle I remember it… sadly not fond memories but many of us will have good and bad memories of the park.
Crowe Nicola lol i remember this. i remember climbing on the roof with my pals.
Alan King Played many games up the park, runny unders at the swings even had trampolines at 1 point and go-karts if I rememberhaha, aw those were the days.
Robert McLeod-Wolohan used to b the football changing rooms for the the football pitches that used to b there, then i think it turned into a storage block for the park
Jim Cochrane The gates were locked up every night
Margaret Elma Griffin My Granny and Papa Miller lived in the old buildings overlooking the park I was born in the old buildings that park gates were always locked at night in those days
James McMillan Used to be my home park when playing way Aberdeen boys club always used it to get changed in.
Jim McSorley Changed there many a time before playing on the ash park with the old tuby ball that would break your head if you dare header the ball specially if it was wet. Great days. Gates locked at night by old Mickey the parky

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