Jacksons of Croftfoot

Janet Jackson shared this wonderful forces photo, which was MORE than a little interesting to me, as it features generations of the men who lived in the house I currently live in.

This wonderful photo are the Jacksons who lived at Croftfoot throughout the 19th Century and into the 20th. 

Jan told me, “The Gentleman in the middle is James Jackson born 1868 -d 1942. The man on the right is Thomas Jackson, his eldest son born 1898 (he had a twin sister called Agnes A Jackson).

The man on the left is William Reid Jackson (my Father in Law) born 1899 – 1959. I am unable to find out more about James Jackson,  I have a photo of him in uniform on a camel in Egypt but no date, if you have any information on him I would be most grateful. ” 

I do have a plan to write in detail about Croftfoot, after all its one of the oldest houses in Blantyre and played a huge part in how the geography, homes and businesses appeared in High Blantyre. The lands of Croftfoot, gave way to become Kirkton Park, homes on Broompark Road and Avenue, the railway line as well as being sold to build the tenements along the north side of Main Street. It’s something I will be exploring in detail.

Jacksons of Croftfoot

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Anne Mckillop Love reading all these wee stories of days gone bye
Patty Smith Handsome men


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  1. I was wondering if there is a connection with the Jackson’s of Croftfoot in Glenboig.Also they occupied Inchnoch nearby.???

  2. Hi Paul, that made my day when that photo came up, had just walked down stairs looking at the original hanging on the wall. Still trying to locate a photo of Mrs James Jackson. Many thanks.

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