Former Stonefield Playpark

More photos from 2000. Pictured again in Stonefield Public Park is the former playpark equipment. These swings, climbing frames and see-saws had been there for several decades, but by the Millennium , as you can see they had seen better days. In the background is Woodburn Avenue.

This playpark was near the Station Road entrance to the park. Now replaced with modern equipment. Can you remember playing on these?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Kerri Alexander Remember the park like this 😂 Laura PrenticeBobby AlexanderRachel Ann?
Tom Law I remember it well in the mid to late 80s
Drew Semple Remember sitting on the seats just beside here one Saturday night,think we were about 14/15,when John Graham the old preacher chap came past and sat with us and had a chat,no bible,no religion just a common wee blether. The guy went up in our estimation and was very interesting indeed,great old days.
John Dunsmore I fell Aff top of. Shute still here to tell the. Story broke my arm but my head know.
Michelle Evans I loved this park as a child. My grandad used to take me there, we’d stop at the shop on the way for a pint of milk, a Turkish delight, a packet of cheese and onion crisps and a 10p mix-up.
Mary Kirkbride We spent many happy days in the park when we were kids.Fiona Mitchell Gebbie Many childhood memories of all of the park in Blantyre in the 70’s X
Kenneth Dunne Looks familiar. I visited summer of 1971. I remember a puppet show nearby…totally remember the swings
Sadie Dolan Aww thats the way i remember it great memories, xx
Ann Millar Aye! best days aie ma life & brilliant childhood memories wae awe ma pals.
Margaret Quinn I can remember the park when it had a swing park for the big ones and another for the wee ones back in the fifties when one would sit on the swing the other would stand on the swing to work it up as the term was then happy days
Frances McDonald It was a roundabout seesaw and shute when I was a wee girl we spent our summer holidays there
Arlene McWilliam Green Louise McWilliam Plummer the sight of you being knocked down by the bike!!! 🤪. We played in the park all our childhood – the “bigger boys” always wrapped the swings round the top bar. One of your pals would stand on the swing and the other sat so you could both get a shot and the biggest challenge was to swing across the monkey puzzle from one side to the other
Nyree McWilliam This was our park for so many years. As kids on the swings as teenagers on the swings with Boab , Shug’s Dug:-) and the gang. Happy days
Margaret Farmer I remember it from the 70’s
Rose Jardine Used to be a great park, especially in summer with boating lake and paddling park, pitch and put.

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