End of the Boating Pond

In the immediate Post Millennium years, the derelict boating pond in Stonefield Public Park had become a liability for the council. Needing cleaned out on a regular basis, it was completely unused.

Looking back on this former pond two decades later, I cant help but wonder if it could have been used for summer and winter public events. As part of the Community Committee, it would have been great to use this as a market hardstanding in summer or to erect large marquees over. In winter, deliberately flooding the pond, even just with a few inches of water, could have provided the perfect outdoor ice rink in cold weather!

Instead, it was removed, the field now even more unused than ever. Here’s some great photos of the final year of the pond around 2000, by which time the pond had a rather unsightly maintenance portacabin beside.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Thomas Fallon The council have for years neglected Blantyre we’ve suffered for years under the so called local labour party be it Hamilton or south Lanarkshire stripping Blantyre of it’s parks both high blantyre Greenhall been left to ruin.
Stephen Hasson Many a day spent in the park, back in the day
Michael Docherty Another that was popular get together place. So it was closed. Can’t have a community enjoying free amenities.
John Cavanagh Spent a lot of my childhood down in the park watching people on the boats great memories
Monica Whelan Loved going ‘doon the park’ in the summer when I was a wee girl, you were lucky if you could get a space on the grass to lay your towel at the wee paddling pool….oh and loadsa shops to spend your pocket money in….those were the days 

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