David Ritchie on Bicycle

Showing all these amazingly clear photos on Blantyre Project, it’s only right I tell you who took them! Early photographer David Ritchie lived in High Blantyre (at Broompark Avenue and later at Main Street). He was a joiner by trade born in 1864, passing away in 1938.

Photography was his hobby and he took many amazing photos of Blantyre and surrounding areas during the 1890’s – 1920s. This photo though is unusual, as it’s of HIM! David is on a bike on what appears to be the General’s Bridge at Stoneymeadow. I’d say he’s in his late 30’s or early 40s in this picture, which would date it between 1900 -1910, certainly over 100 years ago!

I can just imagine David ‘fleeing doon’ the Hamilton Road, past Greenhall back into High Blantyre after his outdoor bike ride (although I’ve no idea which poor soul would have been carrying all the heavy, bulky camera equipment!)

I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity this year to bring you several hundred of David’s amazing photos, all as clear as this one, from the old glass negative plates.

Photo: Veverka Collection via Alex Bowie.

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