Blantir Inn, 2000

Let’s go back to a time before Google Earth, and good old fashioned camera film. It’s hard to believe 2000 was 19 years ago and suddenly, those fairly mundane, routine photos, become more interesting, taking on a degree of nostalgia.

Who remembers the Blantir Inn & Restaurant? Situated on Main Street, it later became Whistleberrys, then in November 2013, the current Family Shopper.

Photo: Veverka Collection

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Ann Boyd Worked in there when opened at first
Crowe Nicola lol. i mind when it was the stones hotel.
Daniel Anderson Buellers at one point also
Liz Jack Was owned by a great couple Ian Wilma Hoad loved it then
Karen Alexis Muir I worked in it, when it was the Stones Hotel
Joyce Hamilton I remember also when it was Stones Hotel
John Devine I remember when it was the livingstone
Annette Flannigan John Devine so do I use to get a 3 course lunch for about £2.50 lol
Davie McLachlan Was it not the Livingstone Hotel at one time? It was popular on a Sunday before licensing laws changed that allowed other bars to open during the day.
Rab Mccarrol played for Stones hotel pool team
Carol Templeton Omg I worked in it wen it was the stones
Annmarie Mullen Brown Best days ever when it was The Stones
Brian Slevin Jesus Christ. I lost most of my liver function in that place over the years.
Annette McMahon Cambridge The stones some great nights were had dancing unless you wanted to go to Hamilton
Lisa Innes Carolann Hamilton run the Blantir inn,, best lock ins ever 🙈😂 xx
Fiona Mitchell Gebbie Great nights had when it was Stones Hotel Xx👍
Grace Martin Remembered it when it was the livingston then bobby took over it and made it a great night club then rachel &ian williamson then alex mccabe worked in it and also had many a great night with Margaret Downie Paula Mccrory Ann Mc SorleyEileen Mc Sorley Evelyn Shearer any many more xxx
Kristofer Rouse My gran Grace Patterson worked in in when it was the Stones Hotel. Used to run around it when i was a wean
Liz Allan Had our wedding reception in the stones in 1977
Paula Mccrory I work in there for ian hoad…great people to work for …great memories x
Ray Couston It was very briefly Buelers Diner after an expensive refurb in 2010, I think it was, and then shut down after about 6-9 months.
Michelle Evans my mam and step-da had their wedding reception there in 1985
Arleen MP This place had fab food! X
Trisha Mcginty Had some good nights in there
Liz Kilpatrick We where trying to think Livingston I’m sure we where at a wedding in it was it a pub
Elizabeth Grieve Had some great nights out in the auld Stones Hotel. Live music, wee bevvy and good friends, brilliant
Janet Duncan Wee used to go there on a Sunday night great bands then
Jim Donnelly We Gigged In It A Few Times.Also had our Wedding Reception In It when it was The Stones Hotel.
John Cunning I opened it up on Halloween night with John Mc Gillvary and his two daughters and Jim Davis when it was the Blantyre inn I was behind the bar
William Feechan I remember watching Scotland 3 v Holland 2 1978 World Cup Sunday night in the livingstonian hotel
Sharon Findlay Mcvey My mum used to be manageress when it was Livingstone hotel x
Angela Tallis Had our wedding reception in the Livingston hotel 1979
Lorraine Gibson I’m sure my brother played for there football team is that right Keith McLean
Thomas Mcginty Feel out they doors many many nights and sat on the small wall at the front.
Craig Reid Did a job for a couple in Leeds today, her father was a teacher at Blantyre Aczdemy, Mr Penny .

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