1980 Alison , the Gala Queen

The most regal of Gala floats at the Blantyre Gala 1980, belonged to the town’s ‘Little Queen’ Alison Pohler. Alison is seen here with her “royal court” travelling along the procession route on her way to the gala at Stonefield Public Park.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Alison Kennedy Yep, that’s me! And it wasn’t yesterday .
Mand Obbs Alison, awwwww!
Fiona MacDonald Look at you!
Philip Pohler Ah my beautiful baby sister as Queen. Does that make me Prince, Philip, or just as dosey as him
Barbara Anne Dennistoun Aweeeee.
Isabel MacDonald Your claim to fame!!!!
Nadine Keys What a nice memory to have x
Carol Allan My baby sister, and the family decorated the float! Still as lovely as you were then Alison! X
Grace Cassidy Is that you Anne-marie Allan behind the Gala Queen 
Anne-marie Allan Grace Cassidy yes it’s me
Grace Cassidy Anne-marie Allan recognized you right away, you haven’t changed a bit! Hope all is well with you and yours Annemarie xx
Anne-marie Allan Grace Cassidy just got older lol yeah alls well, hope it’s all good with you and yours too xx

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