Wall Murals Rejected, 1980

In April 1980, Spook Erections, the open air market company in Blantyre bizarrely submitted planning application to paint the ends of several council homes with murals.

The proposal directed at council homes on Glasgow Road near Hastie’s Farm, was point blankly rejected very quickly by the council.

The company insisted that painting the sides of houses with colourful murals would brighten up Blantyre. However, the council quickly dismissed the idea on the basis that council tenants would not be happy, the idea was considered too artful (a passing fad) and that it would look like vandalism. It was not in keeping either with the new modern shopping centre and planned Sports Centre. The council also had concerns that the murals would likely contain hidden messages or advertising for which it would have little control over.

Spook needn’t have worried about appealing for their time in Blantyre as a market operator was fast coming to an end, so the whole idea of gables being painted was forgotten.

Picture: Illustration only

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Billy Purse miss that wee market, used to help my mum in hastie’s then go out to the market

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