Miss Advertiser, 1980

TSpringtime 1980 saw the Hamilton Advertiser run a Lanarkshire wide beauty competition. Blantyre proudly had five girls taking part.

Elizabeth Elliatt stated that her hobby was making people happy. She was nominated by her sister Winifred who vouched for Elizabeth’s happy go lucky nature. At the time Elizabeth worked as a waitress in a Hamilton restaurant and told reporters she liked disco dancing.

Mary Gallacher was also in the competition. Mary was 23 years old and worked in an East Kilbride Factory. From Fernslea Avenue, Mary liked to keep fit by swimming and disco dancing. Her passion was to travel and she had her eyes firmly set on the top prize of the competition, a trip to Italy.

Deborah Hannah was also competing. 19 year old Deborah was nominate by her brother who said she is always smiling. Deborah worked in a local bakery and her hobbies at the time were dancing and record collecting.

The 4th Blantyre girl to enter was Angela McGuire. Just 16 years old, Angela wanted to be a model and she was already having lessons in Glasgow. Her hobbies were disco dancing, skating and swimming.

And finally, but no means least was the 5th Blantyre lassie to enter the beauty competition. Jane Arbuckle was 17 years old and in 5th year at Blantyre High. A clever lassie sitting 5 highers that year. Jane’s hobbies were keeping fit, swimming and squash.

Do you know any of the Blantyre Women? We’d love to know if they stayed in Blantyre or went out into the big, wide world.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Jackie BrownLiz Murray
Liz Smith Anne mosley your mary x
Anne Mosley Liz Smith Oh Liz just seen this ! How lovely xxx
Mary Gallacher Ann, I don’t know about the outfit jumpsuit hehe xx
Gillian Murray Liz Murray which was Elizabeth Elliott she hasn’t changed too glad I get to say she is a friend well actually more like family xxx
Margaret Smith Tyers Jean McSorley your Angela , is she still
In America did Danny go over there too ?
Jean McSorley Margaret she lives in Sacramento the last we heard..an Danny stays in London now xxx
Janet Hannah Go Debra but it’s true never stops smiling 
Catherine Murphy That’s my cousin Mary Gallacher
Margaret Neil Mckeown Our Liz still makes people laugh the funniest kindness person iv the pleasure to call my crazy pal xxx
Catherine Hailes Young Knew Mary and her sister Margaret Gallagher / they were gorgeous looking girls
Mary Gallacher Aye, we are all good all still in blantyre I’m in Burbank !you still looking good never changed x
Anne Mosley One of my Big Sisters ! Great to see I can’t remember this . Beautiful ladies ! X
Tricia Lappin Sarah Arbuckle your aunty jane
Thea Borland Mcnamee Knew Deborah Hannah.. sure shes on high blantyre rd ..it was her or her sister that married a muster.. also knew Jane Arbuckle.. went to school with her brother Archie.and stayed beside them also
Michelle Milligan Sasso I remember Angela McGuire. Her dad was a good friend of my mum and dad and used to first foot us every year. A lovely guy.
Marie Higgins Stunning Mary you haven’t changed x
Billy Smith I remember Angela Maguire she was my year at Blantyre High whatever happened to her? And Jane Arbuckle too I think she was my year too
Amanda Palmer Wow she’s still a beauty Liz Murray 🥰 ♥️ I couldn’t live without her it’s laughter all the time
Karen Lowis I didn’t recognise Liz at first , great pic xx
Sylvia Mclaughlin Liz Elliot, no changed

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