Boyds at Naismith’s Land

To be published on 4th February 2019

Marion Dixon, who lives abroad shared this wonderful photo, adding, “This is a picture of my father Alexander Boyd Dixon – he’s the baby. He was born at 55 Main St Blantyre on May 19th 1909. The family emigrated in New Zealand when he was 4 years old.”

Boyd Family in Autumn 1909 at 55 Main Street, High Blantyre

Alexander was  the son of Matthew Dixon and Marion Boyd.

55 Main Street at that time was a property known as “Naismiths Land”. The tenement was occupied by many people and still exists today. On the lower ground floor is a bar, (formerly Matts Bar). Marion’s family would have lived on the upper floor and this back stair is now demolished and in its place an extension at the back of the barber shop. The whole building is all slightly subsiding today and has seen better days.

Please be aware that after the late 1920s, the postal address numbering all changed and this should not be confused with 55 Main Street today.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:
Eleanor Clark Our Granny and Grampa stayed in Main Street High Blantyre.our dad and aunt stayed there too
Liz Allan My dad who had been in the navy was barman at Matt Boyle’s in the late 40s early 50s before his untimely death at 32 in 1957 x
Jean Boyd My grt grandparents used to live in that building my grt gran died there in 1937, my mum used to say when you put a ball on the floor it would roll along the floor on it’s own, the floor was so crumbled my grt grans foot went through the floor, my mum said they also had wee pony kept in the yard next to it.
Marion Dixon Jean my granny was Marion Boyd – maybe we’re related?
Jean Boyd Marion I don’t think there will be any relation between us as it was my mothers grandparents who lived in Blantyre, my Boyd grandparents were from my dad’s side they lived in Larkhall. Thats an amazing family photo you shared. Thanks for your inquiry.
Blantyre Project I was delighted to recently last month meet Marion and her man when they visited Blantyre on holiday, showing them a few of the places their ancestors lived and schooled at, even if the buildings are now run down or gone! I’m always happy to meet up with people coming from abroad.
Marion Dixon Blantyre Project we are so grateful that you took time over Christmas to show us around & share your knowledge- it means the world to me 
Paul Veverka it was a pleasure.
Agnes Cook My great grandparents stayed in 159 (used to have a black coffin shaped door)
Jean Gibson My father Matthew Watson was born in Cemetry Walk in 1909. Just round the corner.
Jean Boyd Looking forward to more High Blantyre Main street stories on Blantyre project
Gail Gillon What a lovely piece of family history

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