Lovers Fatal Walk, 1921

The Bothwell Road, near Hamilton was the scene, on Saturday 10th December 1921, of a sad motor fatality which killed a young Blantyre miner who had simply been out walking with his sweetheart.

The victim was Patrick Heffron (21), who resided with his sister, Mrs Cassidy at 5 Greenside Street, Low Blantyre. Patrick had been taking his sweetheart, Miss Bessie Gallacher, to her home at 124 Muir Street, Hamilton. The couple were walking the footpath on Bothwell Road, when a motor car, coming from Hamilton swerved to the footpath, evidently endeavouring to dodge obstruction the road.

Both Heffron and his girl were knocked down, and the same fate befel another couple who were walking behind them. Patrick had moved between himself and his girlfriend in an effort to protect her, but to no avail. The full force of the impact was sustained directly on him and he only lived a few minutes, passing by the roadside.

Miss Gallacher, distraught sustained bruises to her legs and body, but the other couple thankfully escaped serious injury. The driver of the car, racked with guilt took Patrick’s body and his sweetheart to nearby Bothwell Police Station, where the young woman received medical attention, and was eventually sent home, her life in pieces.

The car belonged to a Bellshill gentleman who was detained by the police pending an inquiry. However, he was eventually released following payment of bail of £40. (About £1,700 in today’s money).

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Pictured: Patrick Heffron’s Family tree and a 1920’s Ambulance

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