Inside Blantyre Picture House, 1921

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Jim Higgins and Mr Marchant at Blantyre Picture House

In August 1921, people over the nation looked forward to the ‘Herman v Higgins’ featherweight championship Boxing fight. What better way to see it, (in those times before television), that to go along to your local picture house and watch with friends.

This amazing photo from 1921 exclusively shown here for the first time was taken inside the former ‘Blantyre Picture House’ on Glasgow Road.

With the fight outcome already known, the audience still took great delight in watching it in moving images, knowing none other than Jim Higgins himself, the special guest of the day was actually in the projector room , showing his own fight! He’s standing beside and being overseen by the older gentleman, Mr Marchant, the manager of the picture house.

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2019

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