Craighead Aerial Photo



Christine Wallace shared this excellent aerial photo of a former Blantyre Estate during the 1980s. It is of course Craighead, I think pictured in 1983. The house in the foreground with offices and outbuildings in the background, including the Victorian folly to the far left. How neatly kept the gardens were too even then, and its little wonder that the place was known as Craighead Retreat. The house burned down on 18th February 2002.

Can you remember ever visiting these buildings? What more can you tell me.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Thomas Barrett Remember going to the garden fete every year.
Jimmy Whelan I remember going to a KSC retreat in 2000 and also attending the garden fetes.
James Hanly All empty ground now often see dear running about it
Jimmy Whelan It is now owned by Alan MacDonald (Dawn Group) and Willie Haughey. Was earmarked for SFA school of excellence but mothballed due to the recession. They now have problems accessing the land.
Gary Doonin Ran by the Jesuit order the main priest for years was a Father Pridgeon
Jimmy Whelan Gary Doonin went to a KSC retreat with wee Charlie and Margaret circa 2000
Sharon Morrison Doonin It was ran by Society of Jesus, more commonly known as Jesuits, part of the Catholic Church focusing primarily on education, cultural and intellectual awareness. St Aloysius College, Hill St, Glasgow is a Jesuit school.  Their motto is ‘For the greater glory of God’ which in Latin is Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam.  The KSC had many retreats here and supported the Jesuit order regularly.  Sorry for the long post Paul but my son was educated by Jesuits so I know a wee bit about this which I thought would be worth sharing.
Lorna Hughes Valentine My mum still has her nativity brother Mcpake (unsure of spelling before anyone corrects me😊) made her while she worked there very special !
Sharon Morrison Doonin Lorna Hughes Valentine forgot your mum worked there Lorna x
Lorna Hughes Valentine Sharon Morrison Doonin yes and I got pulled in for a few Sunday shifts too when busy think I was 15!!
Brendan O’neill My wee mammy worked in craighead for years before it was closed down
Lorna Hughes Valentine Brendan O’neill my mum also.. happy days there she had!
Mary Kirkbride I remmber my mother went over there on a sunday morning for mass
Brenda Kane My Aunt was Housekeeper for many years and when she died my Mum was housekeeper. I also worked there as did other relatives. Had my wedding reception there top. Beautiful grounds . Loved going to the Garden Fete every year. Happy memories.
Grace Churchill Brenda Kane I think we all had to do a shift at some point over the years. My favourite was midnight mass.
Brenda Kane Miss the midnight Mass. It was lovely.
Marion Jones Remember it well ,as a child me and my friends tried to follow a crowd of people into the building when they saw us we were sent packing , but remember the inside was gorgeous
Sandy Wilkie Delivered milk every morning for many years and therefore allowed inside several times – one interesting driving “accident” at 4.30am one winters morning!
Jackie MacDonald Can re going to garden fetes there. A grand place it was too.
Gord Fotheringham My big brother played five a side fitbaw there
Karen Nicoll Attended the Garden Fete every year as my dad was the Grand Knight of KSC

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