Buchanan- McGaulley Wedding, 1967


44693900_173375563614637_42742891759534080_nThis lovely photo was sent in by the McGaulley family. Pictured is Mary Buchanan and Pat McGaulley who were married on 4th February 1967 in St Joseph’s Church on Glasgow Road.

Mary told me recently, “We came home in February last year and celebrated our Golden Wedding in Carrigans with all our families and with a half sister and brother I had just found out that I had! They came up from London to be part of it all, almost 200 of family and friends.”

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Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Janey Murray They were a lovely looking couple May with her red hair x my mum worked with her x
Margaret McLaughlin Russell Need to show my mum thisx
Mary McGaulley Please tell your Mum I said Hi! Haven’t seen her for years I just lived her xx
Catherine Murray Mary McGaulley great photo 
Elizabeth Weaver I went to Auchinraith with May Buchanan – lovely girl!
Susan McCarroll Happy Anniversary. .Pat and May..where have the years went 
Mary Mullen Happy anniversary May and Pat and this is a lovely photo xxx
Mary McGaulley Thanks everyone for the lovely comments 
Kelly McDonald Haven’t changed a bit guys
Mick Loughran I was at the “scramble” ootside the chapel,
Mary McGaulley You’ve got such a good memory Mick you were also at the one in Carrigans we always love you company and of course your always good for a song xx

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