Botterils’ Advert , 1980


1980 Botterils of Blantyre Advert

Botterill’s of Blantyre Advert from 1980. By early 1980, Botterill’s had just moved into their new head office at the newly built Auchinraith Industrial Estate, having moved out of their old premises at Anderson’s Buildings on Glasgow Road.

They had two Blantyre shops, and 8 overall throughout the region. Their Coatshill premises and Stonefield Road premises were well used and greatly contributed towards the success of the brand. These are days of whisky costing £4.50 for a full bottle. Just look at some of those prices. We’ll be exploring the history of Botterills in detail in the coming weeks.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Sandy Wilkie Still couldn’t get enough good quality milk at a sharp enough price at that time Jim, eh?
Jim Botterill You got there eventually
Catherine Docherty Jim botterill i still have the dinner service ur mum gave me as a wedding present 33 yr ago.
Lizette Craig Looking forward to reading more
Karen Bain That is so nice to be part of local history like that Lizette. Xxx
Iain Mac That was my first ever job, working in their drinks warehouse. Loved it!
Alan Lappin The Stonefield Road shop was the shop closest to me, but I have memories of the shop they had in the Clydeview Shopping Centre, next door (I think) to the Mehran. Could smell the sugar wafting out the door as you passed by. Superb.
Sim Dow The Govan address? Can’t remember that one
Lizette Craig Sim Dow before your time
Sim Dow Lizette Craig ahhh thought I was going senile there. I worked in every other one
Linda Marshall Wow! Spent a good part of my life working for botterills. Exceptional family. X
Lizette Craig Linda Marshall aww thx
Linda Marshall Lizette only telling the truth. U guys were a pleasure to work for looking back. Hope u alan and the kids are well x
Lizette Craig Linda Marshall we are all great thx kids just getting older
Linda Marshall Lizette bet they are. Tell ur mum and dad I said hi x
Derek Kelly Done my work experience in the warehouse ended up with a Christmas job up there and then onto full time. Great memories working in the warehouse great bunch of guys
Lesley Hartley A few of my family worked in Botterills in Coatshill. My mum was a manager for a few years. My mums sister Ellen Findlay and sister in law Carol Murray worked there too. My mums family were good friends with the Botterills before working for them though.
Eleanor Clark Nancy Botterill married Yacib Ali.and stayed in a lovely house at Garrion Bridge
Lizette Craig Eleanor Clark yes you are correct 
Eleanor Clark Lizette Craig yes and when they were building the Swedish houses down there the house was used as an office and I went in just to see how it looked my husband was building the houses
Tricia Lappin Worked in both stonefield rd shops for years my sister & neices & my son’s also worked in the landmark,Great memories 
Dianne Lamont How interesting Great fir you and the family to see all the stages in the family business Real social history .
Catherine Docherty Aw the memories! They had more than 2 shops in blantyre though.
Gary Morrison Jimmy’s van lol
Gerry Walker I remember there was one on Farm Road as well.
Dorothy Doherty Started in botterills staff were great
Karen Nicoll First Saturday job was In Botterills Farm Road, great Memories
Traci Smith I worked part-time in the one at Clydeview before I moved away

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