Auchinraith Primary

This photo of Auchinraith Primary School was shared by Ian Lappin. Does anybody recognise the pupils in the photo. And who’s the teacher? Some teachers at the time of this photo at Auchinraith School were Miss Sinclair, Miss Rose and Miss Drennan.

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What’s the exact year?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Davy Thomson Rab mcsporran,, third from top right?
Davy Thomson David brown, and Nigel gill next to him
Davy Thomson Think the teacher in this one is miss Laird
Linda O’Donnell Suzy MacSporran?
Elizabeth Grieve Middle next to teacher is that Ian Dobson?
Lyn Lappin This was Ians class
Linda Gourlay Lyn Lappin oops.. just saw the wee red cardi and thought it was us Lyn Lappin lol x
Carol Summers Margaret Lappin cheers!!
Margaret Lappin spotted you right away!! Now mind and tag the kids lol
Margaret Lappin Jacklyn Keenan your dad could possibly be in this, back row??x
Jacklyn Keenan Margaret Lappin I think he is!! I’ll need to show him
Linda Findlay back row william mcdonald, raymond forder, david legge, colin brown, colin craig, colin bell, james duffy
middle ian dobson, stewart montague, caroline ?, tina bell, jacqueline cropp, robert sharkey, david elliott, ian lappin
front jennifer pate, linda findlay, moira clelland, helen hannah, yvonne allison, carol summers, lynda bett, carol jack, marie reilly
I can actually remember getting this picture taken! Cant remember what happened yesterday though!

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