1961 Springwells Aerial


1961 Springwells aerial wm

Today’s aerial photo is 1961 and shows Springwells in the prominent part of the picture. We can see the concentric nature of Burnside Crescent and down in the foreground on the right is the Model Hostel.

The redundant railwayline, no longer being used for passengers cuts through the middle of the photo and beyond Calder Street and the Public Park on the right can clearly be seen. At the top right of the photo are the former prefabs just off Station Road, with High Blantyre’s prefabs on the bottom left.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

James Richardson Concentric circle in photograph is part of Parkville Drive known locally as the ” keyhole””.
Elaine Speirs My grandparents moved into Parkville drive when they were new. An inside toilet and bath, kitchen, 2 room and a gsrden for vegetables. They felt likes toffs. I remember s lovely place with beautiful garden and nice neighbours. Then the council turned it into a ghetto.
Davie Robson Concentric circle is croftpark crescent, Burnside Crescent, where I grew up is in foreground.
Brendan Mcghee Superb plus there use to be a chipshop at the bottom of Parkville drive
William Feechan Does anyone know when the burn was piped i remember it being done as a child don’t know when in the sixties

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