Wheels Move Premises 1980



Wheels Motor Cycles and Cars Ltd were based at the bottom of Herbertson Street, Blantyre, but in late 1979 as our picture shows, the building was heading towards demolition and the company were forced to look for new premises.

They found a new site in Allanshaw Industrial Estate, in Hamilton planning on leasing some ground with which they could build a new store, but things did not run smoothly.

Hamilton District Council , the owners of the new site claimed Wheels had breached an agreement by not starting to build the new store by January 1980, after being given 6 months to start work. The Council asked Wheels to withdraw their application, so Allanshaw Industrial Estate could be leased to others and notified them that serious action would be taken if they did not comply.

What happened to Wheels after 1980? Anybody know?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Jamie Simpson I got my second bike there.
Anne Marie Murray Are they not still in Allanshaw estate. There is a bike shop there don’t know if it is the same one..
Gord Fotheringham Co-op hall…just dancing…
Jim Cochrane I got a new cycle there in about 1976. Elswick Hopper 10 speed racer.
Betty McLean nice building

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