High Blantyre Cemetery


1905 High Blantyre Cemetery wmHow about this for an amazing picture! It’s actually a postcard from around 1904 showing of course the entrance to High Blantyre Cemetery. Postcard 374 Published by Mrs J Wishart of High Blantyre.

The Cemetery is pristine Well kept graves, gravestones all in good repair, benches for sitting to reflect or mourn. An iron cross in the foreground says “Keep off the Grass”, something hopefully people are mindful of today.

The monument for the Dixons’ pit disaster stands proudly as a focus, with none of the large conifers that surround it today. In fact, you can even see beyond to the railway station box in the background, now where the homes are on Burnbrae Road.

When this cemetery opened on 1st May 1875, little did the minister of High Blantyre Church, Rev Stewart Wright know that the first interment only 3 days later would be his OWN son of just one week old!

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