Ashley Place Fire, 1980


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A Blantyre man bravely rescued 7 members of his family from a house fire during the first Sunday of 1980.

The fire took place at Ashley Place, Blantyre at the home of the Simpson family. The alarm was raised by 2 children after their downstairs bedroom quickly caught fire. With the house filled with smoke and 7 members of his family upstairs, Mr Simpson kept cool and level headed and fetched a ladder. He then brought his family down one by one to safety using the ladder at the upstairs window, all before the brigade arrived.

The downstairs bedroom was completely gutted and much of the house smoke damaged. Police and Firefighters congratulated Mr Simpson on his bravery and quick thinking.

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Jamie Simpson That’s was our family home back then
Janice Fox Taylor Simpson think it was the family home in 1980 jx
Taylor Simpson Lynn Birkett-Simpson Was this my dad?? Xx
Ian Paterson Taylor Simpson grandfather
Lynn Birkett-Simpson Dad said it was his dad x
Blantyre Project brave man. Hero of the day.
Joyce Simpson God I still mind that. Brings back memories. Xx
Ian Paterson I mind that 15 Ashley place
Nicola Paterson uncle Ian was this Billy’s house x
Ian Paterson Yes x
Andy Paterson There was 2 other serious fires in Ashley Place. 1 in the late 60s and one in the late 70s. Fire completely gutted the house at 1 Ashley Place and also 8, Ashley Place. Fortunately no one was seriously injured on both occasions
Catriona Paterson Andy Paterson ours wasn’t late 60s it was 70/71
Margaret Liddle Is Ashley Place in the the Wheatland or Coatshill area?
Liz Allan Margaret Liddle wheatlands
Liz Smith This was the house right in the corner if a remember right as a stayed in fernslea over the back from it
Liz Smith My nephew and wife and kids stay in that house now my nephew bought it and has done it all up x
Catherine Whitefield Remember it well . I stayed 2 doors down an took in a couple of the kids an gave them their brekkie that morning . Was a shock to everyone that morning .
Dorrie Price What a hero, knew you were special, from a special family.😀👍

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