1967 Signs of Necessary cash


1864 david livingstone

1864 David Livingstone sketch

In April 1967, there were signs manifesting that cash was needed to keep the David Livingstone Centre opened. Whilst 1966 attendances at the centre had actually been up, a steep rise in running costs meant that a further £2,000 was necessary in order to keep the centre afloat.

Dr Robert C Mackie, Chairman of the Trust said at the annual meeting at the Memorial that they would NOT be increasing ticket prices. Nothing must be done to discourage the increasing number of younger visitors. 44,000 visitors had seen the centre in 1966, up almost 10% from the previous year. But expenditure had exceeded revenue by £2,750. Grants, donations and subscriptions had reduced this amount but still left £2,000 to be found, for that year alone! There was an urgent need to strengthen staff numbers too, which was a worry.

The Trust appealed to the public to visit more often or donate to assist.

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