1920’s Stonefield Independent Co-op


1920s Co-op Fleshing butchers department wmAlthough I’ve already written extensively about this side of Glasgow Road, I’m still amazed when brand new previously unseen photos keep being provided to me!

Like this one, from the 1920’s showing the ‘Stonefield Independent Co-op’ butchery (fleshing) department on the south side of Glasgow Road. The shop still exists today, and remarkably still as a butcher as “Strachan Craft Butchers”. (previously Peters Butchers)

A man stands with his paper and rather large dog outside the butchers as a staff member from the co-op stands in his doorway. Hooks adorn the windows with some meat cuts hanging from them. Trams would have been a common sight that decade trundling past the window. In the foreground, the large wooden telegraph pole is long gone.

Mr Thomas Carrigan a local man, retired in June 1927 from the position of manager of Stonefield Independent Co-Operative Society, Blantyre, after thirty-three years’ service. A shrewd businessman, Mr Carrigan had successfully piloted the society through many periods of trade depression during his managership. Stonefield Independent Co-operative Society merged with Blantyre Co-operative Society on 29th April 1932.

With thanks to Margaret Stewart for sharing.

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Blantyre ProjectStrachan Craft Butchers your shop, 100 years ago!

Nicola Strachan Love this!! Thank you so much for tagging us in!

Steven Strachan We should do this photo again 😁

Strachan Craft ButchersSteven Strachan let’s do it!

Jeanette Allardyce WardSteven Strachan Nicola could stand outside with Bruce and you at the door xx

Steven StrachanJeanette Allardyce Ward that would be a great idea

Jeanette Allardyce WardSteven Strachan that way your recreating the photo 100 years on 

Strachan Craft Butchers That’s the plan! 😁

Catherine Whitefield Love the old photos

Blantyre Project this one’s a cracker!

Jessie Caldow Amazing old photo

Anne Irvine Friend stays right above butchers. Just next to her windows is the date 1890

Blantyre Project 1891. Ive written about this building in some detail as part of the Glasgow Road South book. https://blantyreproject.com/…/co-op-original-building…/ManageBLANTYREPROJECT.COMCo-Op Original Building 1891

Jean Smith Great photo!

Anne Cushley Great picture

Jiae Jiae I still have a table in my possession, owned by my Grannie bought in the Blantyre Co probably around 1937 when she moved into her new house in Auchinraith Road. The price underneath if memory serves me, because it is in storage is….wait for it…28/4d…😮

Blantyre Project thats about £100 in todays money. ;-

Bobby Mckean Phenomenal photo Paul 
Brining old Blantyre back to life

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