The Winchester Club, Hastie’s


1977 Hasties Farm across Victoria Street wm

1977 Hastie’s Farm, courtesy of Lon McIlwraith

In September 1979, a new Music Club opened it’s doors at Hastie’s Farm, just off Victoria Street.

The opening advert suggested ‘The Winchester Club’ promised the best in country and western music every Monday night complete with glamorous western waitresses in full cowgirl outfits! Top country singer Robert Farr and local band ‘Bandit’ were just two of the attractions.

The new club at Hasties set out to meet the musical demands of Lanarkshire Country Music lovers and cashed in on the popularity of the genre at the time. Hasties promised on three nights a year to fly in country stars from America. Dressing in country style clothes was welcomes but not necessary. Membership was £1 a year and 60p to enter each class.

It was another great addition to Hasties, which had been a fully working agricultural farm until 16 years earlier in 1963. By the late 1970’s Hasties was definitely best known for drinks, meals, dancing and discos.

Do you remember the Winchester Club? Can you tell me anything else?

From the book, “Blantrye Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Joan Anderson Only know before it became a pub as it belonged to my Gran and Granpa
John Dunsmore My old. Haunt , loved the. Place Fond memories .💗👍

Elizabeth Smith Lon McIlwraith

Linda Reid Loved Hasties Farm! Spent many years in there before it closed. Happy place to be

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