Creating ‘The Blantyre History Archive”

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 18.27.04Excited! David Livingstone Trust have now arranged their next meeting with Blantyre Project in a few weeks time! All being well, hopefully my 33 years worth of Blantyre notes, stories, photos, documents, artefacts and research will have a permanent, renovated base for every new Blantyre generation to learn about and enjoy in the form of displays, exhibitions and for reference!

Even at present this would represent one of the largest local history collections in Lanarkshire (if not the largest!) with approx. 5,000 researched articles, 12,000 old Blantyre photos, lots of interesting Blantyre memorabilia and artefacts, 8 exclusive books and a full volume of three new massive 840 page A4, definitive A-Z ‘Blantyre Explained’ Encyclopaedias, each the thickness of brick and containing millions of words….everything I’ve ever learned, written or researched in a searchable format! It will archive, protect and preserve Blantyre history permanently and I intend to discuss ways for that collection to evolve and grow further. With credible ties in place, I hope to secure outside funding to assist the Trust and Blantyre Project in these activities.

I’ve never been more proud and thrilled to see partnered baby steps being taken towards these lofty goals. It will be a lasting, accurate legacy for this town. Watch this space.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

John Dunsmore Well done. Paul , 👌
Blantyre Project small steps as yet, but i wont be resting until this goal is achieved and so glad to finally have credible organisations, motivated and willing to listen and discuss plans. All up for discussion only at present.
John Dunsmore Blantyre Project as you said small steps but what a. Achievement hope it all comes. Together for you time x effort.👌
Jessie Caldow What an amazing achievement Paul! Best Wishes for a successful meeting!
Alex Rochead Brilliant Paul
James Sime Well done Paul. Your work is amazing and deserves to be presented and preserved in a grand fashion for all to see. I grew up with all my gran and grandads stories of the past. I was mesmorised by these stories. Your work has now brought many of these stories back into my head and provided photos and deeper explanation of many of them. I only wish my gran and grandad were still here to read / view your books and articles and take them back to their Blantyre.
Gord Fotheringham You are a man after my own heart….my sister-in-law has 99% of our family photo,s….I will message you her number…they should be in the phone book….I have a number of video,s of parties 50 and 60 years ago…later kid
Tom Thomson Well done for all your good work and to any others who may have an interest in Blantyre The Pen is mightier than the sword, Tom Thomson.
Ann Hartman Great work Paul never was a man more dedicated to the history of his birth place you are an inspiration thanks
Henry Hambley Great piece of research much of it concentrating on ordinary people who tend to get forgotten in history. A gold star !
Chris Ladds Wonderful stuff again Paul! What is stiffling the process so far given the amount of deliberation? Is it a permissions and references issue? Tends to be with large bequests. I hope to see the publicly accessible chronicles become a reality soon! I hopethat if they get it all printed that they do so on archival acid-free paper, or if they digitally store it that it’s on the types of discs with 1,000-10,000 year lifespans. Drives and DVD discs only reliable without any lost data for 2-3 years (drives), 5-10 years (solid state), and 10-20 years (most dvds).

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