1979 Blantyre Bowling Club


1979 Blantyre Bowling Club wm

In October 1979, some members of Blantyre Bowling Club travelled a day trip to Bells Whisky Distillery in Pitlochry to see how the famous drink was made!

Lets just say, the day involved some “sampling” too…..

Do you recognise anybody?

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Lesley Barrie My dad 3rd left at back & my Uncle Tom 2nd left
Blantyre Project whats their full names Lesley? Would be good to put some names to this photo. Thanks.

Blantyre Project anybody know the others?

Neil Mc Laughlin Man directly behind lady is Alex Patterson

Davy Thomson Neil Mc Laughlin ma uncle 👍

Lesley Barrie Stewart Barrie, Tom Wallace, Tom Scholes, Jimmy Neilson, Alex Paterson,
Bob Abbot

Blantyre Project thanks everybody. I’ll make sure those names are added to the post on the main website.

Sandra Paterson Bill Irvine.. Bob Braidwood ..next to Alex Paterson 👍

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