1979 BHS Teachers v Pupils


1979 BHS Players v Teachers wm

Here’s a great photo from July 1979. Blantyre High Teachers take on pupils at a much anticipated football game!

The man with the unenviable task of keeping order was referee and Assistant Head Guidance Teacher, Mr. Norman Emslie. Despite the aggressive pose of Chemistry teacher Alan Berry and the menacing boot from a pupil, there were no ‘ugly incidents’.

With laughter all the way, the match was actually quite equal, resulting in a 0-0 draw. There was no shortage of support from onlookers as the crowd raised £70 for Save the Children.

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Jacqueline Muir Marilyn Muir you will know a few faces here!!
Marilyn Muir Yes sure do 🤣🤣🤣

Anne Irvine Mr Berry, Robertson, Goram?

Anne Irvine Goring meant……😁

Alison Walker-Hill Manuel ….🤣🤣
Captain caveman…🤣🤣
Wish I could remember the other nicknames!

Jean Richardson Mr Pirie, maths, ?Mr Clyde, maths, & ‘wee berr’ was a pretty in your face teacher, and ? Alan Dick on the right.
Ian Armstrong Hi Jean..remember you well from school..well done remembering the names .. Mr Berry’s name was bugging me.
Hope life treating you well.

Jean Richardson Ian Armstrong the handsome ‘Yanni’,nice to hear from you! Pic whipped me right back to BHS. The big chap at the back Rab Clark??
God you were a good looking bunch! PS, night shift 🙁

Ann Donald Mr McConnachie?

Ann Donald Mr Aitken?

Ian Armstrong I had a right battle with him during the game.😂
Karen Harkin Alan Dickson, that u with the dodgy hairdo?
Sally Jamieson My favourite teacher Mr Pirie❤️
Ian Armstrong “Bob” was all right 👍..he had a dry sense of humour….sadly passed away now.

Paul Veverka sorry to read that

Aileen Farrell Wow recognize a few faces here lol xxx
Kirsten Lanaghan My dad Alan Robertson, geography teacher🤣🤣
Thomson Andrew Brilliant geography teacher .. wee Robbie 👍
Ian Armstrong You’re dad got me and Robert Clark out of jail ,so to speak, for some savoury graffiti on a jotter. Confirmed it wasn’t mine, which it wasn’t, albeit it had my nick name ” yanny” all over it.
It was Robert Clark’s and found by Bob Pirie.
Ian Armstrong I was always fond of him… A decent man.
Jean Richardson Thomson Andrew brilliant geography dept. Don’t think there was a bad teacher there: Mr Robertson Mr Goring, Miss MacKenzie…
Davy Thomson Wee robbo was a brilliant teacher, saved me from getting suspended, when another red house report pushed me over the disciplinary edge lol
Kerry Tremble Kevan Aw a few brill teachers there!
Lynn Smith Ian Armstrong is that that top of your head next to Rab Clark? David Moyes, Alan Dick and what is the name of the boy next to David Moyes?
Ian Armstrong Lynn SmithSmith.Yes that is me.😂..that is Davy Thopsons leg..I think the blonde guy in front is Phil Brown. The smaller face next to Davy is Stewart Roy.
Where did this picture come from, I love it.!!, I didn’t even know it existed… I remember playinSee more

Ian Armstrong Lynn, I can remember the guy next to Jim Moyes, without seeing more of his face.

Kate Mcinulty Remember a few of them.
Thomson Andrew Mr Norrie art teacher
Ian Armstrong Big guy with the beard.!!
Ian Armstrong I’ve just read there were no ugly incidents…🤣🤣🤣…grudges settled on both sides…it was a great laugh, but some of the tackles would get you suspended in today’s football never mind sent off. I was one of the guilty parties. 😔

Ian Armstrong There was a school reunion around 2000, which was a great laugh….wish there could be another one. It was so nice catching up with old friends and teachers.

Robert Crothers Looms like wattie .wstson

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